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Deaf Ability Resource

Inspires Innovative Solutions to Enrich the Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities, Focusing on Individuals Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

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About Us

Deaf Ability Resource, Inc. (DAR) was founded in 2014 in response to a growing need for individualized, comprehensive services for persons with disabilities focused on those who are deaf and hard of hearing. DAR assists our clients with personal development, employment readiness, job placement and retention, as well as other supports that reinforce self-determination and lead to self-sufficiency. 


How can DAR

help you?

Deaf Ability Resource receives formal Certification by the State of California to provide vocational and support services toward successful outcomes of employment. Our team has 35 years of combined experience working with a variety of abilities in various settings. This includes but is not limited to education, training, seats on advisory boards, receiving of awards, fluency in ASL, sensitivity to Deaf Culture, advanced disability training, consistent platforms providing advocacy and subject matter expertise.

If you are an employer looking for skilled employees:

We have many candidates qualified to work for you in multiple industries including Administrative support, Hospitality, Tourism, Food Service, Finances, Engineering, Healthcare, Child Care, Education, Janitorial, Warehouse, Retail, Logistics, Stocking, Sorting, and Packing.

If you are looking for employment:

You need to be referred from the State of CA Department of Rehabilitation Visit to find locations of offices near you. 

If you already have a Vocational Counselor then contact them directly and request to be referred to Deaf Ability Resource.

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