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Hiring Industries

Raising Hands


Principals, Student Counselors, Teachers, College Professors, Tutors, and Teacher's Aides our experienced participants have a heart for the success of students and help them to achieve their educational goals. 

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Medical File Clerks/Billing, and more our participants are using their skills and education to improve the quality of life for patients throughout California.

Clothes Store


Sales Managers, Merchandisers, Cashiers, Inventory Clerks, Warehouse Distribution, Stock and Store Associates are just a few of the positions that our qualified candidates hold as they are assets to the companies that they work for.

Packaging Factory


Warehouse Associates, Assembly Team Members, Packers, Loading/Unloading, Quality Control, Truck Drivers, Forklift Drivers, Package Handlers, Shipping and Receiving make up the warehouse positions that our participants are successful in. 



Managers, Administrative Assistants, Office Clerks, File Clerks, Receptionists, Front Desks, Data Entry, Research and Development are what makes a business run smoothly and our participants are detail oriented and support their employers.

Motherboard Installation

Technology & Engineering

Information Technology Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Communications, Service Technicians, Assemblers, and Testers are just a handful of the positions that our participants have been placed within the Technology Industry.

Window Cleaner


Janitors, Maintenance Workers, Housekeepers, Stewards, Night/Day Cleaners, Event Cleaning Staff and more are opportunities which participants have displayed their organizational skills while following all company procedures to complete their tasks.

Hotel Staff with Towels


Front Desk, Bell Hops, Managers, Guest Services, Hosts, Room Service, Housekeepers, Night Auditors, Sales, and more, our participants provide excellent service to each customer and make sure they feel welcome. 


Food Service

Waiters, Bussers, Event Staff, Catering Team Members, Cooks, Prep Cooks, Dishwashers, Restaurant Team Members and Managers, our participants provide excellent customer service and service to their employers.

Carnival Swing Ride

Entertainment & Tourism

Announcers, Entertainers, TV or Radio Production, Amusement Park Team Members, Security, Gate Attendants, Park Stewards, Designers, and more are opportunities in abundance in California and our qualified candidates show their creativity in every position.

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