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Darla Kim CEO

Darla brings to Deaf Ability Resource a record of exceptional leadership and strategic vision with a broad knowledge of Deaf culture, American Sign Language, and the business of providing employment and supportive services to persons with disabilities. Darla served 7 years appointed from the state of CA to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advisory Committee and continues to advocate for equal access and opportunity for all populations at every level of legislation.

Prior to providing social services to the community, Darla served internationally as a missionary to 25 different countries. Darla uses this experience in embracing culture, language, and people in all she does and understands that relationships are the treasure of life. Darla is a mother and grandmother and loves to spend time with her family. Her love of reading, travel, and music brings her much joy and her work is really who she is and not just what she does.

Aracely Hernandez Program Manager

Aracely graduated from California State University, Northridge with Bachelors degree in Deaf Studies. She is a Deaf Latina woman who was born and raised in Los Angeles. Aracely is tri-lingual in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language with a love for people, learning about different cultures, food, and beautiful places our planet has to offer. Aracely brings a high level of expertise in building her team to bring the best possible outcome of success for our clients.

Julia Kim Grants & Compliance Manager

Julia is a 2017 graduate from Purdue University Global with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration with a Focus in Marketing. Prior to finishing her education, Julia helped to create the branding associated with Deaf Ability Resource including their logo, website, social media, various advertisements, and brochures. She focuses her efforts on reaching DAR's potential consumers, employers, and partners with creative strategies to expand their presence online as well as ensuring all accounting and tax documents for DAR are in compliance.

Juan Uriona Program Manager PWD

Juan graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Los Angeles and has  over ten years' experience creating branding for various companies. Prior to working with DAR he collaborated to create the branding for the company including the logo. Juan is constantly meeting the movers and shakers of Southern California and connecting them with Deaf Ability Resource on a daily basis. He is fluent in English and Spanish has a heart for people of all abilities and helping them achieve their success.

Laura Sanchez LA County Lead Career Service Specialist

Laura began working at DAR as a Job Coach and transitioned into a Lead Career Service Specialist position assisting clients with job search activities. She is bi-lingual English and Spanish speaker and a vocational signer working on her Bachelors degree in Deaf Studies. Laura has worked with clients of multiple abilities for over three years. She is very passionate about working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as well as people in need of assistance in finding employment to become self-sufficient.

Jaspreet Ghotra Orange County Career Service Specialist

Jaspreet was born in the beautiful motherland, India, and moved to America with her wonderful family when she was four years old. She was raised in Washington, and Oregon from 1990, and now lives in California. Jaspreet is proudly Deaf and Indian. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor's degree in Deaf Studies. Jaspreet is very passionate about giving back to the Deaf community, she loves to teach, and simply believes people deserve to have an opportunity to achieve success. 

Preston Kim Legal Advisor

Preston is a UCLA graduate with a post graduate degree from Southwestern Law School. He frequently consults Deaf Ability Resource on Compliance, Policy and Procedure, as well as Human Resources. He has a heart for the disenfranchised and advocates on every level for justice.

Derek Kim Digital Media Artist

Derek holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from OTIS College of Art and Design with a focus in Digital Media and Animation. He is employed by an international toy company but makes time for Deaf Ability Resource in providing character development for DAR's annual calenDAR and video animation as needs arise. 


Board of Directors

Ronald Gough


Department of Rehabilitation

Sierra Madre, CA

Kathi Cluck

Elementary School Assistant

American Leadership Academy Charter School

Tuscon, AZ


Stephanie Wu

Production Designer

PTM Imaging

 West Hollywood, CA

Margaret Esquiroz, Esq.
Attorney/ASL interpreter
Encino, CA

Derek Kim

Digital Media and Animatior

Mattel Inc.

Century City, CA

DAR Inc. Corporate Compliance &  Accountability
Policies & Procedures

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